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Go through these tips and adopt some new ways of dealing with garage door problems

Ensure proper positioning and alignment

Proper positioning of the automatic garage door opener and the alignment of the tracks are of utmost important in maintaining a garage door. Heavy damage could be suffered if the system is not properly installed, our experts say. Make the right measurements before installing your garage door system.

Park carefully

If you park carelessly, there is a chance that you would hit the garage door with your vehicle. This accident would cost you a lot for repairs on both the garage door and your vehicle. Even if your garage door opens automatically, you should still be very careful pulling up your vehicle into the garage.

Understand your garage door choices

The most widely used residential garage door options are steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. Find out which type offers you what you need in regard to cost, durability and maintenance. One of our experts can help you find the one that suits your needs.

Get the right opener motor

There are distinctions among garage door motors and this is the basic feature differentiating electric openers. The differences basically lie on their horsepower and you must choose the right one so the motor will have sufficient power to activate automatic motion. Average home garage doors usually retain ½ horsepower but you will require stronger motors for heavier doors.

Make sure the garage door is checked periodically

The garage door is quite heavy and with it being regularly overhead, it comes as no surprise that safety is a big concern. Because of the possible safety issues of malfunctioning garage door equipment, Garage Door Repair Verona advises that safety checks be periodically made. These checks would focus on the integrity and the durability of all the parts of the garage door mechanism but more so for those parts that are load bearing like the springs, cables and tracks.

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