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Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Garage Door Maintenance
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Caring for Torsion Springs

Proper Garage Door MaintenanceMost residential garage doors use one or two springs of this type. The work begins with testing. You need to disconnect the opener and then lift the door manually until it’s halfway open and let go. If it goes up or down very quickly, this shows that there is too much or too little tension in the spring system and adjustment is required. Lubrication maintenance is the next task on the list. Make sure that the coils are free from dirt and dust. Clean them with mild solvent, if needed. Then apply light non-sticky spray along the entire length of the spring. It is best if the product is lithium-based. Remember to cover the coils on all sides. Run a full door cycle to ensure proper spreading of the lubricant.

Keeping the Opener in Good Shape

Start by testing the safety sensors. Block one of them while the door is opened and try to close it with the opener. It shouldn’t go down. Test the opener’s force too. Set a wood plank on the floor under the door and initiate closing. The door should just touch it and reverse. The force should be reduced accurately if it hits it hard. If you have a screw or chain drive electric operator, the metal chain or rod will require lubrication. You will need to lubricate the sections where the trolley contacts the rail even if you have a belt drive unit. Do not miss to clean the safety sensors and controls.

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