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Is it important to go through the scheduled service?

Yes. Our specialists in garage door repair Verona highly recommend going through the scheduled service for garage door maintenance. The periods given for the next check-ups are not arbitrary, but are based on the expected point of time that the garage door will show signs of failure or minor problems.

What is the most basic way to take care of my garage door?

Keeping your garage door clean overall and applying care products are easy ways to maintain your garage door. Lubricants and antirust are easily available from the hardware and the application does not require a lot of effort

Why are wooden garage doors quite difficult to maintain?

Yes, wooden garage doors are the most stylish of all door types. They are chosen by most homeowners because of their appearance more than for their durability. This is because they are vulnerable to damages during extreme weather conditions. In fact, wooden doors can expand, contract, warp and even crack in the long run. To maintain their original look, you need to repaint or refinish them most of the time.

Can you program several remote controls with a garage door opener?

Yes, most garage door openers usually let you add several remote controls to be used when operating your garage door. According to our experts, you can use up to 7 remote controls with a Genie Intellicode opener. It’s also possible to use a wireless keypad, plus 6 remote controls.

What are the pros and cons of vinyl garage doors?

This material is highly durable. It is resistant to all sorts of environmental impacts. That is why vinyl doors are recommended for coastal areas where the wind carries salt and sand particles which are damaging for steel and wood. These doors do not require any special panel maintenance. The main drawback of the vinyl is that it does not provide good insulation. Still, it is possible for polystyrene to be added for increasing the door’s R-value.

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